M&M’s Ice Cream Fun Cups

Can’t enjoy your ice cream without your favorite toppings? Mars Wrigley just made it easier for you with the M&M’s Fun Cups. Now everyone can fancy up their dessert game with a delightful cup of vanilla-flavored ice cream topped with our all-time favorite chocolate candies. And to dress our dessert up for the festive season, the toppings now feature red and green mini chocolate candies to match the holiday.

Instead of the usual blue-colored cups, you’ll be seeing the new M&M’s Fun Cups in green-colored cups with red-colored paper lids. It would still contain the usual vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirl. But instead of multicolored candies, you’ll only find red and green candies mixed with the creamy treat for some holiday cheer.


Holiday Edition M&M’s Fun Cups

This limited-edition offering comes in a festive red-colored bag containing 10 3-oz cups. So, you can share the holiday goodness to your loved ones or go on a binge by yourself. That’s up to you. The new M&M’s Fun Cups will only be here around Christmas time so get them now while they’re here. You can find these goodies at retailers nationwide. If you haven’t had any luck finding them, you can just resort to the regular Fun Cups that you can easily buy online.


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