13 Iconic Cartoon Characters And The Actors Who Voiced Them – Part 1


When you’re watching an animated show or movie, it’s easy to get lost in the magic and forget there’s a real person who’s providing the voice for each character. If you think about all the animations out there, that’s a lot of work for a lot of actors! Often the people who voice cartoon characters are simply voice actors who have never appeared in person on TV or in films. However, more and more large animated movies are using well-known actors to voice the main characters, as big names bring more publicity to a production. So, you might have heard the voices of some of your favorite actors in a movie and not even realized who you were listening to! Check out these thirteen iconic cartoon characters and the actors who voiced them!



Zazu from The Lion King was voiced by Mr. Bean himself.


Will Smith was the voice of Oscar from Shark Tale.


Ad Anser provided the voice of Carl from Up… and they look alike, too!


Did you know Woody from Toy Story was voiced by the legend that is Tom Hanks?


And Tim Allen was behind Buzz Lightyear.


Jeremy Irons voiced mean uncle Scar from The Lion King.


Everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek, was voiced by Mike Myers.


And Antonio Banderas was the voice of his pal, Puss in Boots.


Danny DeVito not only looks like Phil from Hercules, he provided his voice, too.


James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, also voiced Simba’s ill-fated dad Mufasa.


Who’d have thought that the gorgeous Mila Kunis was behind awkward and unpopular Meg from Family Guy?


Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) was the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.


Comedian Chris Rock was the perfect voice actor to play hilarious Marty from Madagascar.

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