Turkey Hill Has Released Eight New Ice Cream Sundaes That Are Full Of Cookies, Chocolate And More

Turkey Hill is now stocking the freezer aisle with not one, not two, but 16 new frozen delights. The brand’s massive release consists primarily of eight single-serve Layered Sundae Cups. It also has three new Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches and five new Fruit and Cream Bars. Clearly the iconic frozen dairy brand is making sure that we won’t want for anything while we’re at home! Indulging just got a whole lot easier!

Of the 16 new frozen dairy treats, the Layered Sundae Cups are definitely what’s got our mouths watering. Each single-serve sundae offers chocolatey combinations that chocolate lovers won’t be able to get enough of! And if you ever find yourself needing a break from the indulgent richness of chocolate, there are also fruity frozen treats to help boost your mood!



Turkey Hill has eight new layered sundaes

The new Layered Sundae Cups come in Caramel Brownie, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough Delight, Strawberry Shortcake, Peanut Butter Cup, Ultimate Fudge, Chocolate Cream Pie and Party Cake flavors. These delicious delights are truly different from one another, but they’ve all got a common denominator: chocolate!

Take the Caramel Brownie Layered Sundae Cup for starters. It’s got that classic chocolate and vanilla ice cream base, but it’s got a load of delicious chocolatey elements mixed in to give you an indulgent experience every time! We’ve gathered all the necessary details for you to digest, so keep reading below!



These are the eight new Layered Sundae Cups


Caramel Brownie Layered Sundae Cup


The Caramel Brownie Layered Sundae Cup consists of Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream jazzed up with brownie brittle, caramel sauce, chocolate cookie crumble and topped with chocolate flakes.


Cookies & Cream Layered Sundae Cup


The Cookies & Cream Layered Sundae Cup is made up of the brand’s classic Cookies n’ Cream ice cream, cookie crumble and fudge.


Cookie Dough Delight Layered Sundae Cup


The Cookie Dough Delight Layered Sundae Cup: Vanilla Cookie Dough and Chocolate Cookie Dough ice cream with cookie dough pieces, fudge and chocolate chip cookies.


Peanut Butter Cup


The Peanut Butter Cup features a base made up of Chocolate and Peanut Butter ice cream mixed with peanut butter cups, chocolate cookie crumble, peanut butter sauce and topped with mini chocolate chips.


Ultimate Fudge


The Ultimate Fudge has a Vanilla ice cream base mixed with fudge swirls, chocolate cookie crumble and topped with whipped icing sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.


Chocolate Cream Pie


The Chocolate Cream Pie is made up of Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream mixed with graham cracker pieces and topped with whipped cream sauce and chocolate flakes.


Strawberry Shortcake


The Strawberry Shortcake contains a mix of Vanilla Custard and Strawberry ice cream, graham cracker pieces and strawberry sauce.


Party Cake


The Party Cake layered cup contains vanilla ice cream with cake pieces, vanilla cookie crumble, blue frosting and rainbow sprinkles.


The brand also has new frozen treats you can enjoy on-the-go

Aside from the eight Layered Sundae Cups, they have also released Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches available in three flavors. You can get the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches in Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Choco Mint Chip flavors. All three variants come sandwiched in two double chocolate chip cookies, so you can definitely expect a chocolate overload in every bite! And finally, they’ve also added five new Fruit and Cream Bars.

The new flavors, which come in Strawberry, Coconut, Orange and Strawberry Lemonade. These new offerings have hit the freezer aisles of retailers nationwide on March 1st. So make sure to drop by your local retailer’s freezer aisle next time you go shopping and stock up on these delicious frozen dairy goodies!


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Source: Turkey Hill Dairy Novelties