Shocking Reasons That People Wanted To Get A Divorce That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s really sad that the current divorce rate in the USA is 50%. Many people do not take marriage seriously, which explains a portion of the percentage. But, quite often you will find that it is a one sided decision when it comes to wanting to get a divorce and the remaining party is left gutted. If you’re someone who has been jilted by the person who you thought would always be there, you might relate to the images you are about to see. Here we have a collection of shocking reasons that people wanted to divorce. Take a look and prepare to be outraged!
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He probably should have decided this BEFORE getting married…

How awful.

This isn’t supportive of the husband at all. 

It sounds like he just wanted out of the marriage, to be honest.

This mom must find it hard to hold back but she is putting her kids feelings first.

Good riddance!

Breaking your vow at a time your partner needs you most is just not right.

Sadly, sometimes people just get bored in their marriages and want out.

The truth hurts but you’ll find happiness again!

Absolutely tragic. Shame on him!

This ex sounds very strange if the wife is telling the truth!

Did he know this before getting married? There must be more to this story.

People’s opinions on this will be different! What’s yours?

Maybe he’s just using it as an excuse then?

Many of the people involved in these stories were never mature enough for the commitment that is marriage. We feel really sorry for the people that tried to save their relationships to no avail. However, we are also pleased for them in a way because they can finally move on to bigger and better things! Everyone deserves happiness and if you are someone who has been divorced for a terrible reason, just know it will get better. Equally, if you are not happy in your marriage and you know it cannot be resolved, you owe it to your partner to tell them so that they aren’t living a lie. Keep going to read more shocking stories!

This guy sounds immature. 

This husband must be VERY competitive and a VERY sore loser to do something like this.

At least he was honest and you can eventually move on to find the right person.

This is ridiculous.

It sounds like the husband doesn’t want to fix the problems.


Standing up for your ambitions is so important!

Another person looking for a way out with a lousy excuse.

The way to describe this husband would be ungrateful, unappreciative and stupid!

This guy does not sound ready to be a father.

This is sad, but it can be common in first love marriages. 

Overbearing and obsessed springs to mind…