You Can Get Human Face Stress Balls For When You Feel The Urge To Squeeze A Face

Battling stress has never been this fun with these human face stress balls. Stress is a normal part of life and everyone has it from time to time. You feel stressed out when you have too much to do or when you worry about too many things such as your job, an illness, relationship or money. Although stress is considered a part of our everyday life, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to endure it. There are actually several ways to manage stress in order to prevent anxiety and depression from building up. Always keep in mind that too much stress can contribute to many health problems if left unchecked. The best way to combat it is by recognizing the signals and nipping it in the bud before it gets worse.

Anti-stress toys such as stress balls and fidget toys are specially created to help reduce anxiety. Stress balls, for instance, are designed to be pliable and squishy. The pliability allows us to squeeze and release them in our grips repeatedly. When we squeeze something with our hands, we release some kind of energy that induces us to relax. And since these fist-sized balls are lightweight and portable, they make the most ideal stress-busting tool for quick tension relief. Sure, there are countless types of stress balls that you can buy anywhere. But if you’re looking for something to match your current mood then these stress balls are for you.


Human Face Stress Balls

human face stress balls

Developed by Japanese designer Makiko Yoshida, these stress balls come in the shape of round-shaped human heads. Hence, the name Cao Maru which means ‘round face’ in Japanese. Made from squishy polyurethane resin, they come in four different facial expressions named ni (happy), ho (calm), ge (disgust) and pu (angry). Whenever you’re feeling stressed out, just pick your mood and squeeze the elastic head to your heart’s content.

human face stress balls different moods


cao maru white facial expressions

Unlike other stress balls out there, these ones are made of high quality stretchy material that is not sticky. Furthermore, the resin material used won’t leave any lint or residue on your hand and it doesn’t collect dirt, hair or other small particles. Each squishy ball has been sprinkled with body powder to reduce stickiness. If they become sticky at some point, just wash them with water and let dry. Then sprinkle body powder all over them to make them look and feel good as new.

human face stress balls box


cao maru white anti-stress toys

Each white-colored ball measures 2.56 inches tall, 2.17 inches wide and 2.56 inches deep. To maintain optimum elasticity, avoid placing these under direct sunlight and never store them in areas with a high temperature. As a whole, the elastic face is resistant to tear so it won’t break apart even if you stretch it. But also consider that it has small projection parts such as the nose and lip that can break off if you pull too much. Make sure not to pull these parts to make your human face stress balls last longer. A customer review reads:

“I love them. They are cute and they can take a lot of abuse. Great stress relief tool. Looking at their expressions takes away my stress.”



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