The New Oreo Cookies & Creme Eggs Beat All Other Mini-Eggs

Remember when Mondelez released their giant Oreo Eggs and totally changed the Easter egg game in 2019? Well, it appears that that won’t be the only Oreo-flavored Eggs coming out this year. Frankford Candy now has their own Oreo Cookies & Creme Eggs, which means your candy haul this Easter just got a whole lot more egg-citing! These two treats may have a similar name, but we assure you, neither offerings are completely the same!

The treats may share the same name, but you won’t have a hard time distinguishing between the two. Mondelez’s Oreo Egg is so big that you’d need to use your entire hand to hold it. On the other hand, Frankford Candy’s new eggs come in a smaller size. In egg terms, Mondelez’s is like an ostrich egg compared to the Frankford offering that’s more similar to a quail egg. These creamy treats will definitely make a wonderful addition to your candy dish this Easter!


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Frankford Candy will be rolling out Oreo Cookies & Creme Eggs for Easter 2021

The new Frankford Candy eggs consists of white chocolate crème mixed with crushed Oreos. Each snack-size egg comes individually wrapped in pastel blue foil emblazoned with the iconic Oreo logo. These bite-sized Oreo eggs will definitely make an adorable and delicious addition to your candy dish, Easter basket or even your work-from-home stash! However, those allergic to soy, milk or wheat may have to keep their distance from the treats, as Frankford Candy has indicated that the eggs may have some mixed in.


Several snack sleuths over at Instagram have already spotted the adorable Cookies & Creme Eggs at Target. The treats come in a 10-ounce bag that won’t set you back over $4. As of writing, Frankford Candy’s Oreo-flavored Easter offering is listed exclusively at Target. You can definitely count on this hopping away after Easter though, so you’d better hurry and stock up on these tasty bites while you have the chance!