Hair Colorist Jack Martin Persuades His Clients To Embrace Their Grey Roots Instead Of Covering Them And They Love It

Due to the constant bombardment of campaigns against ‘signs of aging’, it has become difficult to love our bodies. We look at wrinkles as though they are something we must erase and grey roots as though they are unwanted sign of age. But celebrity colorist Jack Martin believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having grey roots! So, in a bid to promote and empower women with greying locks, Martin has created a technique to boost his client’s confidence in rocking their new, natural hair color!

This technique was ‘born’ in 2017, when one of Martin’s clients came to him. She told him that she’d been dyeing her grey hair brown at home on a regular basis for years. But after retiring, his client no longer felt the urgent need to cover up her grey hair all the time. So what she wanted Martin to do was give her something low maintenance – and he accepted the challenge! He dyed her hair silver, which blended well with her natural color. Long story short, his client loved it!





Celebrity colourist Jack Martin is making a strong case for grey roots

Martin is responsible for Sharon Osbourne’s and Jane Fonda’s successful silver ‘dos. (You might not believe this, but he actually told Fonda’s team that he was busy when they tried to book him the first time!) And since he did Jane Fonda’s silver hair so well, the world finally noticed his incredible grey and silver hair creations. The entire process takes up to 10 hours, but Martin assures us that it’s worth all the time.


“My clients with natural gray hair come two or three times a year instead of every few weeks.”





Matching his client’s grey roots with the right shade takes hours upon hours

Naturally, his hair transformations piqued the interest of the internet. In response to this, Martin graciously discussed his process via a post on Instagram. To begin the transformation, Martin detailed that if his client has any dye on their hair, he’ll start by stripping it off or ‘extracting’ it. Once the hair’s nice and artificial color-free, he moves on to bleach the rest while preserving the client’s roots. These steps are pretty basic when you’re coloring someone’s hair – the real challenge for Martin is coming up with a shade that either matches or complements the client’s natural grey hair pattern.


“Some clients have salt and pepper mostly in the front and the back is darker, so I match that and add some darkness to it.”







Martin strips away old dye to give them that chic silver look


The celebrity colorist has transformed many stars like Jane Fonda




and even Sharon Osbourne



Apparently, there’s a surge of women who’ve grown to love their natural grey hair due to the pandemic

Suddenly spotting those little grey hairs shooting up in your scalp may seem alarming. Because that’s what hair color dye brands have told us to feel. But why should we dread something that signifies that we are, yet again, evolving? In some cultures, having white hair signifies how wise you are as a person – so why not go with that? Besides, grey hair is definitely chic. It just depends on how you style it and who handles it!


“Now, many women have about four to five inches of a new re-growth, so they’ve started to see how beautiful their gray is naturally. But quarantined at home for three to four months, seeing how much grey hair they have and how beautiful their gray hair is, many women have changed their minds and decided that they want to this way.”



His clients require less maintenance on their hair



The transformations are absolutely life-changing and the colorist turns grey roots into a beautiful hairstyle




Source: Instagram