12 Awesome Crafts You Can Make With Old CDs


Whether they're scratched beyond repair, or you've just decided to go digital, you may find yourself with an abundance of old CDs, DVDs or CD-roms to deal with. Rather than just throwing them out, why not put them to good use by trying one of these amazing craft projects? Not only is it better for the environment to reuse your old items instead of throwing them in the trash can, you'll also end up with a gorgeous and unique item that you've made yourself. 


This mosaic bird bath is just stunning!


Make pieces of wall art with old CD shards.


Spruce up a plain terracotta plant pot.


This mosaic photo frame is an awesome use of old CDs.


Make yourself or a loved one this cute pendant. If you don't want hearts, you could cut out any other shape.


This bauble is like a mini disco ball!


This mirror looks amazing.



Check out this mosaic door. Not only is it unbelievably cool, it would also be a good way of making sure people couldn't see right through a glass pane on your door.


This coffee table is something special.


Make your old CDs into cute coasters!


Buy clock hands and workings and it's simple to turn old CDs into wall clocks. 


This unorthodox Christmas tree is actually pretty neat!