This Ultra Compact Camper Looks Small From The Outside But Will Leave You Speechless When You Look Inside


Sometimes looks can be deceiving. A good example of this is the tiny, yet actually quite roomy and functional camper pictured below. Designed by a Californian company called Happier Campers, the camper aims to inject a bit of affordability into the RV market, along with providing an eco-friendly way to take your family on tour. The camper is cute as a button to look at from the outside, but I bet you're wondering how on earth you can fit several people inside. Read on to find out!

Website: happiercamper.tumblr


The camper looks miniscule and totally gorgeous from the outside.


Yet the space inside is, compared to what it appears from the outside, totally massive! 


It can be turned into a gigantic bed!


Or, tuck the bed away and you've got yourself a kitchen space.


The camper is easily transformable because of its in-built cubes, which you can move around to different positions.


The cubes also contain vital storage space.



The bed can be made into singles.


Here we are all set up for dining.


The cubes are also removable, so you can set them up as seating around a bonfire.


The camper weighs only 1,100 pounds, which makes it way more eco-friendly than your average camper.


Plus, there are various add-ons so you can make your camper as customized as you want it!


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