Easter Egg Cookie Mold Lets You Create Festive Cookies For The Holiday

No matter what the occasion may be, cookies will always be a staple dessert on every dinner table. Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Easter, the festivity just isn’t complete without emblematic cookies to highlight the celebration. With Easter Sunday on its way, make sure to get this Easter egg cookie mold to make the spring holiday sweeter than ever.

This wooden cookie mold features embossed carvings to let you create 3D decorative cookies that look too good to eat. With detailed bas-relief patterns engraved in the carved molds, making edible works of art has never been this easy. Now you can shape any cookie of your choice into realistic Easter eggs to delight your kids and your guests. Whether its gingerbread, shortbread, chocolate chip, biscotto, pryanik or crinkle. You can now turn any ordinary cookies into decorative eggs with elaborate designs.


Easter Egg Cookie Mold

easter egg cookie mold

This 3D cookie mold is entirely made of beech wood. It is coated with a food safe mix of flaxseed oil and beeswax to preserve the quality of the wood. The wooden mold measures 3.9 inches tall, 5.9 inches wide and 0.98 inches thick. It features two incurve casts in traditional Easter designs. Each cast can hold up to 60 grams of dough.

wooden easter egg cookie mold


3d easter egg cookie mold


3d easter egg cookie mold wood

Fill each cast with your favorite dough and firmly press it into the mold to ensure that the engravings are completely stamped into the dough. If you want to add some fillings into the dough, you can do so by placing a thin layer of dough into the mold first. Press it firmly before adding your choice of filling. You can add some nuts, raisins, cheese, jam or marshmallows. Finish it off by placing another layer of dough. Don’t forget to press the dough with your hand or with a rolling pin.

pressing dough into cast


easter egg cookie mold use


easter-inspired cookies elaborate designs

After which, take out the dough from the mold and prepare for baking. Take note that the wooden mold is NOT oven-safe and microwave-safe. So, please don’t put it into the oven with the dough. Remove the cookie dough from the mold and transfer it onto a baking sheet for baking. And just like most wooden utensils, this should never go into the dishwasher. To clean, simply wash the body and the crevices with soap and water. You can preserve the quality of the wood by lightly coating it with vegetable oil after every wash.

easter-inspired cookies


easter-inspired decorative cookies


“Adorable, so well done to the very last detail! Absolutely perfect for Easter! I am happy with my choice.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “Beautiful details on these eggs – They will make gorgeous cookies for Easter!”, another buyer wrote.

3d decorative cookies

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easter-inspired wooden cast cookies

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