Relax In Style With This Elegant Waterfall Incense Holder

It’s a stressful world we’re living in, but of course you already knew that. To help you clear your mind after a tiring day, burning and inhaling incense can really do wonders. While its aromatherapy effectively helps you relax, this beautiful waterfall incense holder will also give you a mesmerizing visual treat to leave you floating on a cloud of pure tranquillity. So, it’s like treating all your senses to a relaxing spa.

This ceramic incense holder works perfectly with backflow cones. Unlike traditional cones, these backflow incense cones have a hollow center that sends a stream of smoke downwards. This hand-crafted incense holder directs the downward smoke to create a multi-level effect. While the aromatic cone gives off a soothing scent, the holder also creates an enthralling spectacle to further calm your senses.


Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

waterfall incense holder navy

This conical-shaped incense holder is handmade with high quality ceramics. It comes with 120 backflow cones featuring an assortment of fragrances including jasmine, rose, lavender, sandalwood, apple, green tea and osmanthus. To use, light the tip of the cone until the top gets glowing hot. Gently blow out the flame and place it on top of the holder, with the cone’s hollow part directly on the hole. Then watch as the stream of smoke moves downward into the vase in a fascinating flow. Each cone should last up to 15 minutes.

waterfall incense holder brown


backflow cone burner


waterfall incense holder red ceramic

The incense holder can also be used to hold incense sticks. Just place the burning stick into the tiny hole. Of course, it will not create the same waterfall effect as with the backflow cone. But its sophisticated design is enough to add a touch of flair into your personal space. In addition to the included 120 backflow cones, it also comes with 30 incense sticks, a pair of tweezers and a pad for free.

backflow waterfall incense holder


ceramic waterfall incense holder


backflow incense cone burner

The incense holder measures 7.87 inches tall and 3.94 inches wide weighing 1.8 pounds. It is available in 4 different colors: blue, brown, navy and red. You can place in the bedroom, living room, study room, bathroom or any indoor space where you want to meditate and relax. Plus, incense is also known for its antibacterial property that helps purify the air inside your home. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I love that this set came with a ton of cones, some sticks, a pair of tweezers and a mat along with this burner itself. You have everything you need here to get started and I’m highly impressed. Everything appears to be good quality and I have really enjoyed it. Definitely is one of my favorite incense burners and love how it flows!”

waterfall incense holder red


waterfall incense holder red back


incense burner pad


ceramic incense burner


backflow cone burner red


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backflow cone burners

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