Pickle Lovers Can Now Enjoy The Juice In A Can

Are you a pickle lover? If yes, do you love chugging down the juice after eating the pickles? If your answer is an astounding “yes” then the Gordy’s Pickle Juice in a can is your ultimate dream come true. Apparently, drinking pickle brine has become a trend due to its benefits related to weight loss and its antioxidant content. So, if you enjoy the taste of brine while reaping all its health benefits, this is definitely good news for you.

Gordy’s Pickle Jar, a pickle manufacturer based in Washington, D.C. launches its pickle juice in a can. Considering how people love pickles, the Gordy’s Fine Brine is a real game-changer. Sure, there are several pickle-flavored snacks out there to satisfy our insatiable craving for pickles. There’s the chewable gummies that look and taste like real fermented cucumbers. Even Pringles also came up with its own prickle-flavored version. But for hardcore pickle lovers, Gordy’s Fine Brine will surely hit the spot.

pickle juice in a can

Featuring a perfect balance of salty, tangy and sweet flavors, this pickle juice in a can is intended as an ingredient for cocktails. Just add a splash of the Fine Brine to your whiskey or Martini to make your cocktail even zippier. Also, pickle brine makes a perfect for tequila. The salty and tangy notes will give a much better flavor than any combination of lime and salt.






While Gordy advertised it as a great addition to cocktails, no one can really stop you if you prefer to drink it straight from the can. Yes, you can gulp it down like you’re drinking a can of soda. Besides, this magical elixir has a lot of amazing health benefits. Aside from its weight loss benefits, the brine also contains good bacteria that can ease stomach upset and even PMS. Furthermore, studies show that pickle brine works better than water in reducing muscle cramps. So, this pickle juice in a can could really come in handy after a rigorous workout.






Each fine brine comes in a 12oz can. But take note that this isn’t your ordinary brine as this Fine Brine is more refined than regular brines. If you pre-order now, the item will ship on February 15 so get yours now.


gordys fine brine for cocktails

Source: Gordy’s Pickle Jar