Chili’s Is Celebrating Their 46th birthday By Selling 1-Gallon Bags Of Margaritas

Chili’s is celebrating its 46th birthday this March! But they can’t exactly go all out and throw a birthday bash for the event because of the ongoing pandemic. So, in light of this, Chili’s has decided to bring the party to you with 1-gallon bags of margaritas instead! This way, you can celebrate Chili’s 46th birthday without leaving the comfort of your home!

The new range of 1-gallon margaritas is Chili’s gift to their patrons. The cocktails come in a sturdy, giant bag with a handle so you can take it to-go. With this new offering, patrons of Chili’s cocktails will never do without anymore! Michael Breed, vice president of marketing at Chili’s, said in a press release:

“While we continue to put the safety of our Guests and Team Members first – practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, and limiting capacity in our dining rooms – we’ve also made it easy for our Guests to order online and pick these margarita specials to-go.”

chilis 1-gallon bags of margaritas mar-go-ritas


Chili’s now has 1-gallon bags of margaritas

These new bags contain house-made classic rocks margarita. The cocktail is made up of Sauza Commemorative Tequila, Patron Citronage and E&J Brandy that’s been shaken exactly 25 times. Chili’s offers the ready-to-go variants that range from classic, mango and strawberry. All you really have to do is to pour the giant bag’s contents into your ice-filled glass and enjoy. Each pouch is estimated to contain at least 16 8-ounce servings, which should be more than enough to get your party started and give you and your fellow sippers the buzz you’re craving.

Chili’s 46th birthday falls on March 13th, so in honor of the event, you’ll be able to get the Mar-Go-Ritas for only $30. (Afterwards, the Mar-Go-Ritas will go back to the regular $40 price.) In addition to the Mar-Go-Ritas’ discounted price, Chili’s will also give you a limited-edition commemorative party hat during the special event. Chili’s sure knows how to throw a party, don’t they? Find the nearest participating location here!