There’s A Gummy Pickle That Looks And Actually Tastes Just Like The Real Thing

If you’re a fan of brined cucumbers and delicious gummy goodness, snack-searching would put you in a real pickle. But with Vat19’s Gummy Pickle, you get the best of both worlds. This awesome new candy is kind of a big dill because it tastes and looks exactly like the real thing! It’ll definitely tickle your pickle.

The Gummy Pickle is a standout among Vat19’s creations.

Gummy Pickle Being Taken From A Jar

Vat19 is famous for their crazy cool candy creations. But the Gummy Pickle is truly unique in their lineup. Vat19 usually creates deliciously fruity gummies, but this time, their vegetable-inspired gummy is deliciously realistic. It’s around the same size, and has the stem and bumpy details that the pickle’s known for. This treat is approximately 4 inches in length, and boasts over a quarter of a pound. It’s defintely more than enough to satisfy your tangy craving. You won’t be getting a crisp crunch though. Instead, you’ll be getting a punch of dill-flavored sourness, a hint of green apple, and the sweetness of gummy candy with every munch of this girthy gherkin.

Guy Biting Into Gummy Pickle

It takes a particular palate to appreciate this green, girthy gherkin gummy. It’s definitely not for everyone. But this oddly-flavored candy sure is a visual and tasty experience! Even if you don’t like it, you and your friends will still have had a good laugh about it. Besides, not everyone will get to say, “Yeah, I’ve tried a gummy pickle.”

Give Trick or Treaters something to ‘spook’ about!

Gummy Pickle Held By Hand

The main currency during Halloween is candy. Lots and lots of candy. Trick or treaters will judge how good their Halloween went by the amount of candy they’ve earned. While those giving out candy will be judged by what candy is being handed out. If you’re thinking of upping your ‘ween-ing game, you might want to consider the Gummy Pickle. It’s green and it’s weird, therefore it totally fits into the entire Halloween theme. Plus, it would make a really cool Pickle Rick. Just saying!

Are pickles on the rise?

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of  innovations that incorporate pickles. You can now pucker up with a pickle lip balm and brush your teeth with toothpaste made from this vinegary vegetable. If you really want to share your love for pickles on Christmas, you can give away pickle candy canes. The New York Times even made headlines after they published a new peanut butter sandwich recipe. Of course, everyone’s taste and preference varies, so we’ll let you decide it’s good or not.

We’re definitely filing the Gummy Pickle under ‘food for thought’.  We also don’t know if you like pickles or you specifically ask for no pickles in your cheeseburger (but this is seems unlikely, since you clicked on this article).  Don’t miss the chance to relish the experience of trying a Gummy Pickle today. Get it at Vat19 or here today!