Aldi Is Selling Fried Pickle Ranch Chips For All The Pickle Lovers Out There

Lend me your ears, pickle lovers! Clancy’s Fried Pickle Ranch Chips will be hitting Aldi stores starting September 2nd. This snack features the taste of deep-fried battered dill pickles dipped in ranch dressing. So, it’s basically a picklefest in a bag.

If you’re into pickle-flavored snacks, you’ve probably tried Aldi’s Popcorn Dill Pickle Flavor. However, not everyone is into popcorn. When it comes to the choice of snack, whether you’re on team Popcorn or on team Potato Chips there is something for you. And if you belong to the latter then Aldi’s new offering will satisfy your pickle cravings in the crunchiest way possible.


Fried Pickle Chips

aldi fried pickle ranch chips

Well, it’s not every day that we get to enjoy the classic deep-fried battered dill pickles. This delectable snack food is usually served at food festivals which actually don’t happen every day. And only a few restaurants have them on their menu. Aldi is making it easier for everyone to have a taste of fried pickles complete with a ranch dressing anytime, anywhere.

The new pickle-flavored chips have started rolling out on Aldi shelves. So, you better get them now because these are only available for a limited time only. They come in a 9.5-oz bag and each wavy chip is packed with flavor. You can still opt to dip the chips in your favorite dipping sauce if you want to add more flavor.

Source: Aldi