Pringles Team Up With Rick And Morty To Create Pickle Rick Flavor

Whenever my friends and I hang out and the conversation somehow becomes about Rick and Morty, chances are Rick’s transformation into a pickle will be brought up. Admittedly, the show’s got a lot of hilarious moments to its credit. However, none can hold a candle to that episode. We love it. And this year, the obsession continues as Pickle Rick Pringles will be hitting shelves in early February.

We definitely won’t be able to stop once we start popping these pickle-flavored crisps! Unfortunately, this exciting new flavor will exclusively be available for the brand’s American customers. (Unless they change their mind and widen their scope a liiiiittle bit more! There’s still time, Pringles! Don’t let us down!)


The Pickle Rick Pringles will arrive before the Big Game

According to Gareth Maguire, Pringles’ senior director of marketing, they came up with the Rick and Morty-inspired product because they wanted something new for the 2020 Big Game. They’re reportedly “thrilled to be partnering with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty”. After all, what could be more iconic than watching the Super Bowl while enjoying a bowl of tasty chips?

pringle chips in a bowl


This isn’t the only Rick and Morty product we can expect from Pringles and Adult Swim this year

Jill King, Adult Swim’s senior vice president for marketing and partnerships said that fans will have a lot of things to look forward to from the show this year.

“We’re very thoughtful about who we partner with around Rick and Morty. And we couldn’t be more pleased with our new relationship with Pringles. Not only are the Rick and Morty show creators making a hilarious spot for the Big Game, we’re extending this partnership in really exciting ways, all year long. Rick and Morty fans are going to be given new opportunities to illustrate their love for the iconic show, thanks to Pringles.”

We know the new year’s just started but we’re already counting down the days until we get to grab a can of these Pringles! Meanwhile, we’ll just binge-watch all three (or four, if Adult Swim‘s already released that in your area) seasons of the epic animated show.