You Can Now Get A Giant Reese’s Egg Stuffed With Delicious Peanut Butter

Is it Easter season already? Forgive us for skipping ahead of time but we can’t help our cravings for Easter-themed goodies. Luckily for us, the giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg is back again this year. But wait, isn’t it a bit too soon to talk about Easter? We’re still in the month of January, for crying out loud! Well, nothing is too early when it comes to seasonal treats. And if Easter-themed chocolates start coming out as early as now, we’ll gladly welcome them with open arms (and open mouths).

Looks like our favorite snack brands are outpacing the Easter Bunny by bringing their Easter offerings earlier than expected. Maltesers recently unveiled its new White Chocolate Easter Egg and Oreo also launched its Easter Egg-shaped cookies. No love for Reese’s fans? Well, brace yourself with this great news. The Reese’s egg is also back and is now available on Amazon and in Iceland.

reese's peanut butter egg

The 170g giant egg features a milk chocolate shell stuffed with peanut butter filling. So, if you’re on a diet to shed off some weight from the holiday festivities, this might not be good news for you. We bet that you won’t have any trouble finishing the whole chocolate-peanut butter egg in one sitting.

Get this limited edition Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg here and stock up before Easter Bunny finally arrives. Besides, who cares about celebrating Easter this early when we get to indulge on these delightful sweets? Keep ‘em coming, please.