Stray Cat ‘Asks’ To Come Inside So She Can Have Her Kittens

People are trying to find their ideal animal companions. But sometimes, it’s the animals that get to choose their human companions. New Orleans-based artist Ida Floreak never would have thought that a stray cat would come into her life. What’s more the kitty’s arrival into her home wasn’t the biggest surprise of all.

In September last year, Floreak noticed a cat roaming around her house. Since then, the black female kitty has been a frequent visitor to her home. Floreak already has a feline pet named Bruce, a 7-year-old Siamese who was always hanging out with the free-roaming kitty. And her handsome feline pet was probably the biggest reason why their frequent guest keeps on coming by. So, Floreak named the kitty Salami and welcomed her into her home to keep Bruce company.


Salami, The Stray Cat

pregnant stray cat asks woman to let her give birth inside the house
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Bruce and Salami would play in the backyard and hang out all day. Whenever Bruce went back inside the house, Salami would even follow him. They would nap together and groom each other. Floreak also began getting close enough to Salami to win her trust. She would need to do that in order to take Salami to the vet to get her fixed and vaccinated. But before she could do that, she noticed that the gorgeous cat was already pregnant.

As Salami’s baby bump became more and more obvious, Floreak figured that the expectant feline mom would stop coming by. Cats tend to hide when they’re about to give birth. And she thought Salami would do the same. But one day, she was awakened by Salami’s insistent meowing at her door at 5 a.m.


“I had started feeding her at this point so she knew to come by, but she had never been so insistent and certainly never so early,” Floreak explained. “Salami came inside and just meowed at me for a few hours so I figured something was about to happen; she was so round at that point.”

Floreak knew the cat would be giving birth anytime soon. She gave the pregnant kitty some blankets and a bedroom in a quiet space to help her during labor. At around 9 a.m., Salami started giving birth to four adorable kittens. The artist said that the experience was a first for her and she was nervous as she watched the kitty deliver her babies. But seeing the cute kittens, she knew it was all worth it. She named them Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Pancetta, and Pastrami.


“Salami lives with me now,” Floreak said. “I was able to get her fixed and vaccinated, and she and Bruce hang out all day together. She’s adjusted really well, and is a very sweet and loving little cat. All of the kittens have gone to friends: one is in Mississippi, and the other three are all in my neighborhood. I’m glad I get to still have a connection with them.”


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