Red Lobster Is Now Serving The First Official Mountain Dew Cocktail

What drink do you typically pair with your seafood meal? A cocktail? Ice-cold soda? Well, you won’t have choose between these two beverage choices anymore because Red Lobster and PepsiCo have come together to create the first official Mountain Dew cocktail. The brands simultaneously surprised the internet by introducing the DEW Garita at 8a.m. on September 15th, via Twitter. Needless to say, soda and cocktail fans were abuzz with the news!

Of course, mixing fizzy soda with alcohol isn’t an entirely new concept. However, it’s quite uncommon for a casual restaurant and beverage company to partner up in order to create an exclusive drink offering. And, this Mountain Dew drink is certainly a refreshing option that’s perfect for your (socially distanced!) brunch dates. In a statement, Nelson Griffin, Red Lobster Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, said:

“Red Lobster is thrilled to work with PepsiCo, not only because it has a great portfolio but specifically because of the food and beverage innovation possibilities. The DEW Garita is the first delicious taste of the types of inspired menu items to come.”

Red Lobster Mountain Dew Cocktail
Red Lobster


The brands announced the product of their collaboration on Twitter earlier this September



Get your buzz on with this Mountain Dew cocktail


“Red Lobster and PepsiCola both understand how much food and beverages enhance memorable moments, from casual gatherings with friends to milestone celebrations,” Hugh Roth, PepsiCo Global Foodservice Chief Customer Officer, said. “With both of our brands on deck to wow guests, we can’t wait to dream up more phenomenal flavor pairings together to bring some very special offerings and experiences to the table.”

Aside from divulging the DEW Garita’s main ingredients, which are, of course, Mountain Dew and tequila, neither brands have gone into further detail about the other ingredients included in the mix. The promotional material for the cocktail features the drink in a glass with a curious red rim along with a lime wedge. This particular detail piqued the curiosity of many – was this rim just red-colored salt or something else? Well, a lucky few have already sipped and solved the mystery.


The DEW Garita is the soda brand’s first official cocktail

According to @dew_or_die, the drink comes with a red crystal sugar rim instead of the traditional salt rim. They also went to add that “the DEW held its own in the battle for the taste”. Sal DiBenedetto a.k.a. @thegrubfather also noted that the DEW Garita is a perfect partner for the iconic Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Is it just us or did dining at Red Lobster just a whole lot more exciting?

Sadly, it seems that the DEW Garita is on a slow rollout. Some locations have yet to begin offering the fizzy concoction. Don’t panic if your local Red Lobster isn’t serving it yet though! This exclusive cocktail will hit all Red Lobster locations nationwide before the end of 2020. Which makes us wonder, could a fizzy soda cocktail save this year? Guess we’ll have to sip to find out!