‘Juno’ Is A Cooling Station That Can Chill Most Drinks In Minutes

If you think of the possible ways to cool a drink, perhaps only two would come into your mind. It’s either you pop it into the fridge or have it with some ice cubes. However, not everyone can keep their cool while waiting for their drinks to chill in the fridge. Likewise, ice cubes can affect the taste of certain drinks, and ice can even ruin some. So, what’s the best way, you might ask? Well, allow us to introduce you to Juno, a smart beverage cooler that works just like a reverse microwave. Sounds interesting, huh?

Basically, it claims to cool beverages of all sorts in just a matter of minutes—five minutes, tops. Yup, that includes beer, champagne, coffee, juice, soda, tea, wine, you name it! And the best part is, it can cool them straight from their containers. It features a universal design that can fit just about any type of container. Be it a bottle, a can or your own personal tumbler.

Juno Beverage Cooler


Juno Reverse Microwave Beverage Cooler


Applicable Beverages


Juno on Kitchen Countertop


So, how does this “microwave for cooling” work?

This revolutionary cooler by Matrix Industries uses thermoelectric technology which enables it to draw heat away from your drink. And unlike typical cooling appliances, this smart product doesn’t use any noisy compressors nor harmful chemical refrigerants. Hence, it’s perfectly safe for the environment, not to mention very user-friendly.

Matrix-powered Thermoelectric Technology


Lady Pouring Freshly Brewed Coffee into a Tumbler


Lady Using Juno to Cool Coffee in a Tumbler


Lady Waiting for Her Drink to Cool


Juno 180-degree View

It’s easy to use with just three simple and programmable buttons. These buttons come preset for cooling red and white wine perfectly. Nonetheless, you can still customize them depending on your cooling preferences. The chiller also features an LED status bar that lets you know when your beverage is ready. A blue light indicates that your drink is finally ready to sup.

Control Buttons 2


Juno Technical Specifications


Universal Design


Control Buttons


LED Status Bar


Premium Materials


Lady Using Juno to Cool a Bottle of Wine


Juno at a House Party


Juno for Cooling Coffee


Kitchen Countertop with a Bottle of Wine and a Beverage Cooler

The product is currently available for sale on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for an introductory price of just $199 (£152). This smart product will certainly set you back a bit. But considering that it’s at 50% off its original suggested retail price, it’s a pretty decent deal nonetheless. Should you plan on grabbing a unit or two, do note that the estimated shipping is in August 2020. It shouldn’t be that much of a big deal since it will come just in time for summer.


Watch this promotional below to learn more about Juno

Source: Matrix Industries