This Fart Vacuum Sucks Up The Stank Before The “Cat’s Out Of The Bag”

Farting is a natural and healthy way by which the body gets rid of excess gas. Unfortunately, it’s just socially unacceptable to do it in public. This is why holding in farts has become a common practice to save oneself from embarrassment and criticism. However, we all know that doing so can lead to extreme discomfort and even bloating. Luckily, with the help of this fart vacuum, you can now pass gas in peace even in public!

Dubbed FartVac, this clever contraption claims to be the world’s first toot vacuum and filtering system. Basically, it works just like a suction pump that clears the air every time you let off smelly gas. So now, you can freely break wind anytime, anywhere—without the fear of being judged!

fart vacuum with charcoal filter


fart vacuum gag gift


Pass gas in public without the fear of being judged with this fart vacuum

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fartvac ziplock bag packaging

This handy gizmo consists of a hand-activated rubber air pump with inlet and outlet tubes and an activated carbon filter. To set it up, simply cut the inlet tube (the side without the filter) to your preferred length based on your body size. Afterward, carefully route the tube into your undergarment and position it near your butt. The upper butt cheek and the crack area are the ideal spots but definitely not inside the anus.

fart vacuum prank gift


fart vacuum and filter system

And once you feel a fart coming, just let it out loudly and proudly! Just make sure you simultaneously pump the rubber bulb with your hand. That way, the inlet tube can suck out the stinky gas, and the outlet tube can filter it and reduce the smell. With FartVac, you can now embrace your body’s natural process without causing inconvenience to other people. It’s literally a win-win situation for you and everyone around you!

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It also comes in handy for anyone who suffers from interrupted sleep at night due to a “gassy” partner

fart vacuum for gassy partner

By now, we’ve probably already got you thinking that this is yet another in-existent product like the plant urinal or the DIY vasectomy kit. Well, we’ve great news for you! This nifty device is very much real, although we wouldn’t discount the fact that it would be a great gag gift as well. In fact, it even boasts a five-star rating on Amazon. So, if you’ve always struggled with stinky toots (whether yours or your partner’s), then it’s probably high time to give the FartVac a try. Who knows? It might actually be the solution to your longstanding problem.

Source: Amazon