You Can Now Get Pokémon Butt Bookmarks To Save The Page You Were On

Mark your page in the cutest way possible with these Pokémon butt bookmarks. The Pokémon Go craze might have died out but these cute little pocket monsters are still here to stay for good. Well, considering that the popular animated series is still running on its 14th season. And has been steadily going strong since its debut in April 1997 (Japan). So yeah, it’s safe to say that the Pokemon trend still exists even today. In fact, the franchise has become the highest-grossing entertainment media of all time, beating Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel in terms of total revenue.

And just like the adorable pocket monsters in the series, the franchise has also evolved over the years. Remember when we swooned over the cuteness of first generation Pokémon which includes Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle? While Pikachu remains the same cutesy little electric mouse, the rest have gone and evolved into enormously intimidating monsters. To all the fans of the series, let’s celebrate the cuteness of the original pocket monsters by marking our pages with this bookmarks.


Pokémon Butt Bookmarks

cute pokemon butt bookmarks

These adorable bookmarks are designed to make your favorite characters look as though they are burrowing into the page of your book, with their bums sticking out from between the pages where you last left off. It is available in 3 different designs: Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle, which we personally think are the cutest in the Pokemon universe. (Eevee fans, enter!) Each piece is handmade with polymer clay and plastic with hand-painted details.

pokemon butt bookmarks cute

So, if you love reading books then you seriously need to get these bookmarks. These whimsical and practical markers will keep track of your reading progress in a book in the most adorable manner. Their bums are so irresistibly cute that you’ll want to spank ‘em all. One happy buyer wrote:

“Such a great gift for a Pokemon fan! The artwork is amazing on the little bookmark.”

Get yours here.

pokemon butt bookmarks

Source: Etsy