People Are Sharing Strange McDonald’s Restaurants They’ve Seen On Their Travels

With it’s golden arches, no other restaurant design is as influential as McDonald’s. But did you know that there are also some strange McDonald’s restaurants that look entirely different from the ones that we know. Traditionally, the popular fast-food chain has modernistic arches and bright red and yellow color schemes.

So, it’s no secret that there is a McDonald’s in almost every country, with several restaurants in each city. And it’s also a fact that different countries have their own distinctive tradition, culture and architecture. But, instead of introducing its standard architectural characteristics, McDonald’s sometimes reinterprets its design to match the city’s style. Not just the building, but this also applies to the menu as well. This explains why there is a huge diversity of McDonald’s in different parts of the world. Twitter user @katrinkanova from Baltimore, Maryland shared some photos of their own McDonald’s in Freeport. This McDonald’s look nothing like the ones we have.


Strange McDonald’s Restaurants

So, Katrina said in the caption that Freeport McDonald’s looks like a funeral home outside and a retirement home inside. And we can’t argue with that based on the photos. Her tweet quickly became viral. Not long after, people began sharing photos of other weird McDonald’s on the Twitter thread. For example, there’s the one that looks like a flying saucer, a church and an actual Happy Meal Box. The giant fast-food company even repurposed a decommissioned airplane, an old bank building, an abandoned town hall, a historic train station and century-old colonial mansions.


With all that said, lets take a look at some Mcdonald’s restaurants from around the world



Freeport McDonald’s, for instance, was previously a mansion owned by a wealthy local merchant in around 1850. Initially, the fast-food chain planned to remodel the historic house. However, Freeport’s building design restrictions wanted to maintain the area’s history and aesthetic. For this reason, the fast-food company decided to retain the style of the Gore House. Even the interior retained its classical mix of Greek Revival and Italianate architecture. In this modern era, it may look like a strange McDonald’s. But its uniqueness only makes it stand out among the rest, just like these weird-looking ones.


This Mcdonald’s is out of this world


While this one looks like a giant Happy Meal












Here is another space themed Mcdonald’s







And, some restaurants look like they are from a fairy tale


But, others look very grand




We love this one, it looks like a Ski Lodge


And, this Mcdonald’s is very fancy!



Finally, let us know if you have seen any weird and wonderful Mcdonald’s restaurants that weren’t featured on this list!