Plant Urinal Provides Minimal Spillage When Peeing Straight Into The Plant Pot

Our urine contains waste products that the body needs to excrete. If not, these toxins can be potentially harmful to the human body. Even so, did you know that human urine can actually be helpful for plants? In fact, it’s a great source of nitrogen and potassium which are needed by plants in order to grow. That’s why we recommend getting a Plant Urinal to fertilize your house or office plants.

Basically, it is what it is—a mini device that allows you to pee right into your plant pot. We know, it’s a ridiculous idea that has probably got you raising an eyebrow right now. But hold your horses because this is just another prank gift box. Yes, it’s from the same company that brought us the “Toddler Tamers” and the “Birthie Stick.” So, get your expectations high because this gag gift box will certainly not disappoint.

Plant Urinal Prank Gift Box Front


Plant Urinal Prank Gift Box Back

Created by a certain Emma Dean, the “product” features a patented UroGrow Technology that allows you to “turn your liquid gold into leafy greens!” If that already had you cracking up, wait until we dig into more details on the box. For one, the product description suggests that “your body already has the perfect blend of nutrients” that your plants need. So, there’s actually no need to invest in expensive soils nor plant food.

Emma Dean's Explanation on Plants' Needs

Aside from “fertilizing” house plants, it’s great for office plants too. In fact, it could even potentially help its users “close more multi-million-dollar deals by eliminating costly trips to the bathroom.”

Plant Urinal for Office Use

In addition, the box includes a chart for recommended liquid intake depending on the type of the plant. For one, oranges sodas, fruit juices (not kiwi), and gravies are perfect for palms. While sparkling waters, vodka, and chilled ginger beer are perfect for ferns. The list also includes suggested liquid intake for rubber trees, succulents, dracaena, and more.

Plant Urinal Prank Gift Box Product Details

Furthermore, the product comes with additional accessories, including three urine test strips and a urine mister. The test strips are for checking the content of the urine and for determining whether it’s suitable for your plants. Meanwhile, the mister is “for delicate or young plants that aren’t strong enough to survive a robust golden shower.”

This Plant Urinal prank gift box is surely as convincing as it can get. It’s a great way to pull a prank on your friends with green thumbs or small bladders, for that matter.

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Two-step Process Using Prank Gift Box


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Real Gift Hidden Inside Prank Gift Box


Amused Reaction Upon Finding Real Gift Inside Prank Gift Box


Plant Urinal Prank Gift Box Packaging

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