This Star Wars Easter Egg Has A Cute ‘Baby Yoda’ Marshmallow Inside

Winter may be over but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up the fun of dissolving hot cocoa bombs. So if you enjoyed Galerie Candy’s Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb during the winter holidays, then we’re sure you’ll adore the brand’s newest Star Wars Easter Egg offering! It comes as no surprise that the brand’s Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb became one of 2020’s most popular holiday treats. Nobody could resist sipping a mug of sweet and creamy hot chocolate with a floating marshmallow shaped like The Child!

Those who missed the hot cocoa bomb memo need not despair though. This is because Galerie Candy is releasing an Easter-themed Star Wars hot cocoa bomb so you can keep sipping on adorably tasty hot chocolate this spring! And it seems that we don’t have to wait until winter officially ends to get our hands on these tasty Easter eggs either. We’ve already spotted the Easter egg on Galerie Candy’s online store. This leads us to wonder… what exactly is new with this Easter-themed hot cocoa bomb?

the mandalorian star wars easter egg hot cocoa bomb
Galerie Candy


Galerie Candy has a new Star Wars Easter Egg hot cocoa bomb

The Mandalorian Egg Shaped Magic Hot Chocolate Melt is very much like its predecessor. However, the biggest difference between the two Star Wars-themed offerings is the shape of the cocoa bomb. The winter holiday offering had a round milk chocolate shell. On the other hand, this Easter-themed variety comes with an egg-shaped milk chocolate shell. Once the milk chocolate shell is dissolved in hot milk, an adorable marshmallow surprise will float up to greet you. You’ll still be getting a Baby Yoda marshmallow complete with facial details with this new Easter egg.

Star Wars Easter Egg packaging
Galerie Candy


Star Wars Easter Egg hot cocoa bomb with baby yoda marshmallow surprise
Galerie Candy

According to the official description, the new offering weighs 2.12oz and will measure 5.60-inches in height, have a 2.56-inch diameter and a 4.50-inch width. The officially licensed treat features a 10-gram Baby Yoda marshmallow that packs just 35 calories and a 50-gram milk chocolate shell that packs 260 calories. Sure you can snack on the treat on its own, but where’s the fun in that? The Mandalorian Egg Shaped Magic Hot Chocolate Melt is sure to make a great addition to your Easter egg haul this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for when it becomes available!

Source: GalarieCandy