KFC Have Released A Huge 70 Popcorn Chicken Nuggets Box

The news about KFC opening up an all-you-can-eat buffet has certainly left us eager to book a flight to Japan ASAP. Unfortunately, going to this chicken haven might be a distant dream for now, given the global crisis we’re currently in. Thankfully, the fast-food chain is bringing back its “extra-large serving of popcorn chicken” to make these tough times a little more bearable.

You probably know by now that Kentucky Fried Chicken takes their marketing game seriously. So, when they offer something in an “extra-large serving,” you’d know for sure that it’s the real deal. What you see in the advertisement is literally what you get. And in this case, you get a massive box filled with poppable, crispy chicken nuggets made with 100% white meat.

KFC Popcorn Nuggets

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Each box contains approximately 70 pieces, so there’s definitely plenty enough for the entire family. But, of course, you could always choose to have it all for yourself. And if you do, then consider your meal problems for the next two days or so covered. You’re probably thinking that a colossal chicken nugget crate like this will set you back big time. Well, apparently not, because a serving only costs $10! Now that’s what getting a bang for your buck truly means!


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? @KFC’s potato wedges have been replaced by these new “Secret Recipe Fries.” Although we enjoyed the former very much, we held out hope that these could be better…but they’re not. These absolutely need to be dipped because on their own they get boring quickly, and they didn’t even taste very special either. In fact, due to this, we aren’t sure if they were made incorrectly or not. We will revisit them another time. The Finger Lickin’ Good sauce is very good though. Definitely our new go-to sauce at KFC. • ?? Additionally, KFC has got a new $10 Extra Large Popcorn Nuggets Box *THAT THIS LOCATION DIDN’T SERVE US.* The $10 box includes approximately 70 pieces, but we were initially given the regular Popcorn Nuggets box that came with about 20 pieces. I had to go back to the restaurant to get what I ordered—but they gave us this rectangular box that the nuggets aren’t traditionally served in. When I showed a picture of what the box looks like (while standing 6ft away) they told me “This is the box we use, sir.” So the only reason we got 70+ pieces was because they messed up our order the first time. Have any of you gotten these and they were served in a bigger box? • ? Mountain Dew Passionfruit Frenzy with a Citrus Flare from @WorldSnackin. ? Keep an eye on their site for restocks because they carry some great flavors of popular brands every so often! This particular flavor hails from New Zealand and tastes great! As Mountain Dew lovers, we especially enjoyed how unique this was compared to the flavors we’re used to, and passionfruit with a hint of citrus worked really well. Drinking this redeemed the unsatisfactory experience we had with the KFC. The Mac & Cheese and cookies were the best part of the meal lol.

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Of course, you’ll need a variety of dips to enjoy your extra-large serving of popcorn chicken. Luckily, KFC offers just that. Aside from their Finger-Lickin’ Good Sauce, they also have Buttermilk Ranch, Creamy Buffalo, Honey BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, as well as Sweet N’ Tangy. To be honest, getting all six sauces might just be the way to go. After all, you have more than enough nuggets to try them all. Plus, having plenty of options is always a good thing.

KFC Dips

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Sure, you can always get the regular-sized Popcorn Nuggets any time you please. However, it’s not every day that you can grab them in large quantities for such a budget-friendly price. So, that should give you enough reason not to miss out on this awesome deal! Pro tip: you might also want to get one of these Finger Guards to keep your fingers grease-free amidst the constant nibbling.

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