You Can Get Beautiful Epoxy River Wall Clocks On Etsy

Epoxy resin art is now the newest trend in interior design. From tables and floors to sculptures and jewelries, the modern art has appealed to many individuals due to its remarkable aesthetic and timeless functionality. This epoxy river wall clock brings the glamor of the art to your wall. And make every tick of a second turn into a marvelous moment.

Inspired by the gentle stream of flowing river, this epoxy river wall clock features two planks of olive wood with blue-colored resin in between. The glass-like luster and crystal-clear translucency give the resin the appearance of real flowing water. So, it’s like viewing an actual river from a bird’s-eye view. This handmade timepiece creates an impressive decorative but functional piece of art to beautify your wall.


Epoxy River Wall Clock

epoxy river wall clock

Apart from its undeniably attractive glossy appearance, epoxy resin is an extremely versatile material which initially found its place as a structural and engineering adhesive. Rigid but tough, it can take various forms and hardens into a durable substance, making it an ideal medium for coating wood, stone, metal, veneer, and many more. When woodworkers began incorporating this versatile material with wood, the furniture industry had created a trend that redefined interior design. One of its most popular results is the flowing river table that brought the beauty of nature to the tabletop.

resin olive wood timepiece


resin olive wood decorative timepiece

The same design inspired this epoxy river wall clock. So, you can have the same stunning view ready to be hanged on your wall. This wall-mounted clock comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches in diameter. It is powered by 1 AA battery which is not included in the purchase. By default, the timepiece comes with a set of silver-colored clock hands. But you can choose different clock hands upon request.

wall-mounted resin glossy timepiece


epoxy river wall clock olive wood


“Really pleased with our clock, it looks just as per pictured and will look great on our wall.”, one satisfied customer wrote. “I fell in love with this clock the moment I held it in my hands, such a s beautiful work.”, another customer wrote.

decorative epoxy river wall clock

Source: Etsy