Krispy Kreme Is Opening A Huge NYC Store With A Big Apple Donut

The time has finally come, Krispy Kreme is opening its first global flagship store. Of course, it would be most fitting to have the highly anticipated flagship store in the most iconic city in the world. Located on 601 Broadway, NYC just across the street from M&M’s world, is a 4,500 square-foot flagship shop that delivers the most immersive donut experience for customers. What’s more, the shop will be open 24 hours a day for in-store shopping and pickup.

So, what can we expect to see in the flagship store in the Big Apple? Well, we did mention about the most immersive donut experience. And by that we mean visitors can witness firsthand how the world-famous original glazed donuts are made. Inside the shop, customers can see the donut-making process from beginning to end. They can peek through a window to watch how the dough is made and mixed. Spectators can follow through the process as the dough rings move along a massive conveyor belt that is entirely visible from the walkway.


Krispy Kreme Opens Its First Global Flagship Store In New York City

Customers can watch as the rings of dough are deep-fried and flipped before they pass through a massive glaze waterfall which the brand claims is the largest in the world. People can see as the glazed donuts come through the glaze waterfall and are cooled before they’re packed into boxes. With this impressive donut-making theater, customers can enjoy hot and fresh donuts coming right off the line. Hence, this makes the flagship store the world’s largest Hot Light to date.


Aside from its immersive donut experience, the Times Square flagship store is the first to feature stadium-style seating in the shape of a giant dozens box. In addition to its delicious donuts, customers can also find exclusive merchandise to commemorate the experience. Plus, it is the only store where you can find a special edition Big Apple Donut which is inspired by Coney Island’s candy apple. This yummy treat is covered with apple-flavored glaze with apple-flavored custard filling. It comes with a fondant leaf and pretzel stem to complete the apple look.


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Following up on a recent post.. @krispykreme is opening a flag ship store in Times Square NYC on September 15th. The Square flagship is a 4,500-square-foot store!! The store will feature the brand’s largest Glaze Waterfall, a 2-foot tall stream of the sweet topping that coat the Original Glazed. The flagship has 16 different doughnut flavors on the menu, Original Glazed, Cake Batter, and Strawberry frosted with Sprinkles, along with cold bottled drinks and a full coffee menu. Krispy Kreme created a special edition Big Apple doughnut, inspired by the candy apples from Coney Island. This donut will be exclusive to this store!!? I grew up near Coney Island, so this one touches close to home?? I’m excited for this exclusive donut!! Plus that box looks beautiful??? If you’re in NY or visiting will you hit this new shop up?? News & image @krispykreme ??????

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New York City and the rest of the world are excited for the grand opening of the first flagship store on September 15th. It was supposed to open early this year but the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone the opening until September. The store also includes a 24-hour street-side pickup window for people on the go. Having the chance to watch the entire donut-making process is indeed tempting. But those mouthwatering Big Apple donuts are sticking out to us the most. We definitely won’t miss it.


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Respect the Chain will show you a sneak peak at the @krispykreme in Times Square that opens on September 15! We try the Big Apple Doughnut that is only available at the Times Square location. We also show you the world’s largest Hot Light, the doughnut-making theater, the largest and iconic Glazed Waterfall for spectators to watch doughnuts run through, stadium?style seating inside a giant Krispy Kreme dozens box, and the 24-hour street-side pickup window where people can get doughnuts as they walk by!! Join @samegoldberg as he gives you an exclusive look at the brand new flagship Krispy Kreme in Times Square that opens on September 15,2020! #krispykreme #krispykremedoughnuts #krispykremetimessquare #krispykremenyc #timessquarenyc #timessquarenewyork #timessquarefood #doughnuts #doughnuts? #bigapple #bigappledoughnut #respectthechain #chainfoodies #nycfoodie #nyc #newyorkcity #nycdoughnuts #newyork #nycdesserts #feastagram #timessquare #desserts #dessertporn #vivalastool

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