10 Of The Cutest Animal Illustration With Clever Puns


UK-based illustrator Sophie Corrigan has come up with some of the funniest animal illustrations around. Corrigan has created these adorable variety of animals, both real and imagined, along with a pun or play on words. With a degree in Illustration from the 'University of Central Lancashire' already, she's now on her way to a Master's in Children's Book Illustration. Her work has appeared in 'Urban Outfitters', 'Paperchase', 'Hot Topic' and more! We love this whimsical artwork and think these would be great designs for items such as greetings cards and t-shirts. If you like a good pun, you need to check these out!
Website: Sophie Corrigan












We wish Sophie the best of luck completing her Master's degree and hope to see more of her work soon!

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