These Blue River Epoxy Tables On Etsy Are Absolutely Stunning

In recent years, the blue river epoxy table fever has broken out all over the world. You’ve probably seen these beauties on Instagram and other social media platforms. A stunning piece of furniture that looks like a flowing river, it makes ordinary tables look mediocre in comparison. So if you want a practical furniture that also doubles as an eye-catching decoration, these gorgeous tables are sure to make your home stand out.

A rectangular tabletop made out of wooden planks with resin inlay, the blue river epoxy table presents a bird’s-eye view of an island surrounded by azure sea. With white sea foam details around the olive wood plank, the deep blue ocean seems to come alive thanks to its very realistic waves effect. You and your guests can gaze at it and let your visual senses get lost in a tropical paradise.


Blue River Epoxy Table

blue river epoxy table

This dazzling blue river epoxy table is truly a wonderful piece of art. But there’s more to it than just its aesthetics and style. Epoxy is a durable material and when used as a countertop can provide a long-lasting surface. Furthermore, this non-porous material is resistant to moisture and heat. Plus, it can resist scratches to give you a glossy smooth surface for years to come.

blue river epoxy table resin

Since epoxy resin tables have become the latest trend in woodworking, various woodcrafters have been recently incorporating this modern style into their works. Needless to say, you’ll find plenty of these decorative tabletops being sold online. The one we featured earlier is just one of the many options we’ve found in Etsy. If you’re looking for a different design or style, we’ve round up our best finds to help you find the perfect blue river epoxy table for you.

This one has irregular edges made out from slabs of Monterey cypress wood. In the center of the wooden island is a clear lake with a visible seabed.

monterey cypress resin tabletop


monterey cypress resin lake tabletop

If you’re looking for blue ocean epoxy coffee table then this round tabletop is for you. The circular pine wood tabletop is inlaid with blue resin complete with wave effects to make it look like the waves are gently crashing against the shore. It also features a rocky island surrounded by sea foams along with real seashells on the shore to give it a more realistic look.

resin ocean coffee table


resin ocean coffee table round


resin ocean coffee table seashells

But if you’re into the trendy blue river epoxy table that really looks like a flowing river then this one is perfect for you. It is made of two planks of walnut wood with clear blue resin in between. The translucent resin features some white foam details to depict a gentle water stream. Just like the first one we featured, this dining table also features a rectangular tabletop with straight edges.

blue river epoxy table resin wooden planks


blue river epoxy table blue resin


blue river epoxy table resin furniture

Source: Etsy