These Hanging Pumpkin Planters Give Your Halloween Decorations A Touch Of Spooky Cuteness

Want to add something cute to your Halloween porch this year? We’ve found these hanging pumpkin planters to turn your gorgeous succulents into spooky decorations, making them fit into the spookiest time of the year. Yes, even your plants need to dress up for the occasion to get your entire home ready to slay the Halloween.

Let’s just face it, not all of us are into gruesome and macabre stuff. And if you’re anything like us who prefer the traditional and non-grotesque decors such as the good ol’ jack-o-lanterns, rustic wreaths, pumpkin patch, and spider webs, these hanging pumpkin planters can make a perfect addition to our simple yet glamorous Halloween decorations. Shaped like pumpkins, these pots are handmade from a mixture of concrete and gypsum. Each pot comes with a macramé cord to hold the dangling pot in place.


Hanging Pumpkin Planters

hanging pumpkin planters

These hanging pumpkin planters can be painted in either orange or marble gray, depending on your choice. The macramé cord is also available in 3 colors including orange, black, and white. So, it’s up to you to mix and match. You can also opt to add a creepy accessory to the pot. Add-ons include a black bat or a black spider. If you choose to add these accompaniments, you can specify where to affix them, either to the pot or to the cord.

pumpkin-shaped concrete pots


hanging pumpkin planters with macrame

Each pumpkin-shaped pot measures 2 inches high, 3.5 inches wide, and weighs approximately 240 grams. The length of the macramé cord from the wooden ring to the lowest point is about 18 inches. Please note that plants are not included. You can place a few succulents and string-of-pearls in it. And place this hanging pumpkin planter anywhere you can hang it.

hanging pumpkin planters orange


hanging pumpkin planters concrete

These concrete hanging planters are also available in sphere shape which measures 4.3 inches high, 2.75 inches wide, and weighs 580 grams. Both the pumpkin-shaped and the sphere pots are treated with hydrophobization solution which protects the surface from moisture and prevents the growth of fungus and mold. You can also opt to add drainage holes upon request.

halloween themed sphere pot


halloween themed concrete pots

Source: Etsy