These Animal Planters Keep Themselves Hydrated By Drinking From Their Little Water Bowls

Don’t have enough time to water your plants? Let these drinking animal planters take care of your plants for you. Even when you’re too busy, to the point that you’ve neglected your plants, these genius planters will make sure that your plants are well-hydrated. All that’s left for you to do is to place a bowl of water and soak their long tongues in the water. The sponge-like tongue will sip the water to nourish the plant on the planter’s back.  So you can go on with your busy life without the fear of losing your small plants.

firebox drinking animal planters

Online retailer Firebox offers its line of drinking animal planters that are not just cute but practical as well. These ceramic planters are available in four adorable designs – cat, dog, frog, and panda. Their most striking feature is their super long realistic tongue that reminds of the reptilian Pokémon Lickitung. But unlike the lick-loving Pokémon, these adorable planters have ridiculously long tongues for a purpose. The tongue is connected to the soil that holds the plant on its back. As the tongue soaks up the water, it brings water to the soil to feed the plant. Appearance-wise, these planters look like a hybrid between Lickitung and Bulbasaur. So yeah, this can be a collector’s item for Pokémon fans out there.

firebox drinking animal planters frog

These self-sufficient drinking animal planters can also serve as charming décor items that will surely brighten up your home. Each animal comes with a corresponding type of plant. The cat has a wild strawberry plant, the dog has clover plant, the frog has mint plant, and the panda has basil plant. For every order, you will receive a box containing the ceramic planter, seeds, soil, and water bowl. Simply plant the seeds in the planter filled with soil, soak the tongue in the bowl of water, and let the cute planters take care of the rest. Of course, these ceramic planters won’t refill the water by themselves. Make sure to refill the bowl with water once it empties. That’s not actually a difficult task and it won’t take too much of your time.

firebox drinking animal planters cat

These self drinking animal planters have long sponge-like tongue that sips and brings water to the plant

firebox drinking animal planters dog


firebox drinking animal planters panda

Get these delightful drinking animal planters from Etsy or Amazon. Collect all four animals for a complete ensemble of cute designs and aromatic plants to adorn your home. To ensure healthy growth, place the planters in a spot where they can acquire safe amount of sunlight. Windowsill, for example, is an ideal location for these planters.