This ‘Kevin Hates Broccoli Clock’ Is One For ‘The Office’ Fans

We all have our own favorite moments from the popular mockumentary sitcom The Office. And one of these is the scene where Michael force fed Kevin with a giant broccoli. Now you can commemorate poor Kevin’s outrageous reaction every time you look at this Kevin Hates Broccoli clock. Instead of numbers, the hours are represented by Kevin’s faces in different facial expressions from the scene. Furthermore, the clock hands are in the form of Michael’s hands holding the green bush.

The clock is based on season 7 of the show’s Ultimatum episode when Kevin tried so hard to eat a broccoli. When Pam put up a board in the office allowing everyone to post their New Year’s resolution, Kevin resolved to eat more veggies. However, an upset Michael interrupts the board meeting and took out his frustration on Kevin by forcing him to eat a large, bushy broccoli.


Kevin Hates Broccoli Clock

kevin hates broccoli clock

Determined to keep his resolution, Kevin did try to eat his most hated veggie. But his facial expression as he took a bite on the vegetable tells how he really feels. And you can even tell that actor Brian Baumgartner himself wasn’t a big fan of the green plant when he sincerely uttered how he hates it. His genuine disgust and reaction to it is what made the scene so hilariously unforgettable. And it never fails to make us laugh no matter how many times we watch it.

the office inspired funny gift


kevin hates broccoli clock hilarious


battery-operated clock back

This clock pays a tribute to this outrageous scene. And this is definitely the funniest way to tell the time. This handmade clock features a silent and reliable mechanism. It measures 11 inches and battery operated. One happy buyer wrote:

“Absolutely amazing! Love this so much so I bought two! A fantastic gift for any loyal fan of the show!”

the office inspired funny clock

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kevin hates broccoli clock funny

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