Mini BBQ Grill Desk Clock

Do you know what time is it? It’s time for those fun-filled summer cookouts with smoking BBQ. For the Grill Master that you are, you deserve no less than this mini BBQ grill desk clock to tell you the time. Featuring a miniature replica of a traditional kettle grill, it makes an interesting and nostalgic addition to your desk, whether in your home or in your office. But let us warn you that this unique timepiece will certainly make you crave for cooking juicy, savory barbecue every time you check the time.

This mini BBQ grill desk clock features a realistic, downsized model of the spherical charcoal grill. It comes complete with a round lid that opens and closes to reveal a steel cooking grate inside. Inlaid into the hinged top lid is an adorable clock with stainless steel case. The elegant timepiece is a quartz-movement clock with analog hardened mineral display.


Mini BBQ Grill Deck Clock

mini bbq grill desk clock quartz movement

Just like the original thing, this mini BBQ grill desk clock also comes with two sets of handles on the round lid to let you open and close the lid with ease. It also features a bottom vent right under the charcoal firebox and a pair of rolling wheels to complete the look. Measuring 4.5 inches tall with a diameter of 2 inches, this stylish timepiece delivers a touch of fun to your living space, office, kitchen, and more. Made of sturdy stainless steel in black glossy finish, it makes a remarkable gift for the grill-loving person in your life.

kettle grill-shaped clock

Although this mini desk clock looks like a real BBQ grill, this is NOT intended for cooking. This is a whimsical-looking timepiece, nothing more and nothing less. If you’re looking for some extraordinary BBQ grills to impress your guests then this Star Wars-inspired grill and this mini briefcase grill should do the trick.

mini bbq grill desk clock

Source: WhatOnEarth