These 3D Epoxy Floors Can Turn Any Floor In Your Home Into Ocean Waves, Rivers, Green Landscapes And More

The use of 3D epoxy floors has brought endless possibilities for floor design because now the flat surface can really make a statement. Furthermore, the addition of mind-blowing graphics to 3D epoxy surfaces has raised the bar for floor design even higher. This awesome technology allows home designers to lend an element of surprise that will surely amaze.

So, these were initially intended for public buildings and commercial spaces because early 3D floors mostly feature company logos and designs. For example, an aquarium may opt to have a beautiful image of the ocean mounted into the floor. It may also include enlarged images of flowing water, corals and sea creatures to further enhance its realistic effect. Or a resort located in the woods may want to impress its guests with an image of a breathtaking green landscape embedded into the floor.


3D Epoxy Floors

3d epoxy floors bedroom ocean

Today, 3D floors are not only applicable to public and commercial buildings. More and more companies have been introducing small-scale epoxy flooring systems suitable for private residential spaces such as villas, townhouses and small apartments. Now every home owner can bring these amazing surfaces into their rooms.


We love this floor it looks so real!

One of the leading companies that offer epoxy floors is Imperial Interiors. This is a European-managed interior decoration company that offers its services in the UAE. The company undertakes any project, whether large-scale or small, throughout the UAE in a variety of design areas. Depending on the client’s specifications, the company creates decorative flooring that doubles as large-scale artwork. A living room floor with a striking image of a garden of roses, a bathroom floor that resembles a fish pond, a bedroom floor featuring an aerial view of a canyon. These are only few of their splendid creations for different clients.


A company creates decorative floor designs that can bring your ideas to life

3d epoxy floors living room waterfall


3d epoxy floors bathroom waterfall
Imperial Interiors


3d epoxy floors realistic sea turtle

The epoxy floors have 6 layers to give the surface the illusion of depth. It starts out with a layer of two-component primer followed by another layer of two-component stucco. Then a layer of self-leveling screed follows to ensure a perfectly smooth flat surface. After which, the visual image is applied which comes as a ready-print photo. The image is then covered by a translucent layer of two-component polymer. This doesn’t only add depth to the image but also provides high strength protection which is impervious to dirt, water, abrasive particles and chemical agents. The surface is then finished with a protective lacquer to add more protection to the floor.

Unfortunately, the company only offers its services exclusively within the UAE only. But don’t worry because Etsy shop AJCreativityHome is offering self-adhesive vinyl floor decals featuring 3D images. May it be a beach, a garden, a fish pond, flowing lava, a wooden hanging bridge or a waterfall, the shop has everything for you. However, this Etsy shop only provides the vinyl wallpaper. You may have to supply yourself with the primer, stucco, screed, polymer, and protective lacquer to create your own epoxy floors.


Check Out These Vinyl Floor Decals

vinyl floor wallpapers sky bridge


beach stones floor decal


vinyl floor wallpapers bathroom beach


vinyl floor wallpapers living room flowers


vinyl floor wallpapers bedroom water stream


vinyl floor wallpapers pearls


vinyl floor wallpapers bathroom sea


vinyl floor wallpapers leather flower

But then again, installation of decorative floors would require the technical skills of professionals. Thankfully, these vinyl floor decals can be easily applied on the floor even without the use of fillers, self-leveling screed and polymers. Simply stick it on a clean, smooth floor to make a 3D floor mural. You can visit the shop that sells the floor decals here.


Source: Imperial Interiors | AJCreativityHome