Epic Advertising Fails You’ll Remember for A Long Time

Ad campaigns go through painstaking scrutiny before they’re out in the open for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, advertising fails are bound to happen. Whether it’s wrong placement or spelling blunders, these flops are sure to stick in our minds and make a certain brand unforgettable.

Here are 22 funny and unfortunate advertising fails that were caught on cam.

Don’t be scared.

Poor guy. He has completely no idea what’s going on.

Promise, it’s just mud.

Can you imagine how this film would turn out?

Talk about being honest.

I’ve got my eyes on you.

A different kind of party.

Does it come with life insurance too?

Another math mystery.

Sounds about right.

He’s watching you…

More Epic Advertising Fails

Well, that escalated quickly.

Worst ad placement ever!

We figured this out even before we could read it.

The children are our future.

Say cheese!

Find the hidden kitty.

 Unfortunately, they can’t get it done.

This ad is undoubtedly attention-grabbing.

How ironic!

Clearly, Starbucks needs to review their ad placement.

How fitting!