Creative Milk Packaging Looks Like UFO Abducting Cow

The purpose of packaging isn’t just to contain and protect the content but it’s also an essential marketing tool to highlight the product’s selling point and to provide an unforgettable experience for the consumers. This is why we never get tired of featuring noteworthy product packaging whenever we see one – both the good and the bad. We’ve stumbled upon the Molocow UFO Milk bottle which is literally out-of-this-world. The quirky packaging features a triangular glass vessel that depicts a beam of light coming out of the bottle cap shaped like a flying saucer.

Alien-driven cow abduction is a pretty common image in pop culture which has its root from the 1897 folklore. The legend tells about a Kansas farmer who witnessed a giant cigar-shaped UFO hovering above his corral. He claimed that the flying structure sucked up one of his calves. News about the alleged alien sighting took the entire world by storm. Some people believed the story while others just brushed it off as a hoax. As if to reenact that scene, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan-based creative agency I-Media designed a playfully creative packaging for the Molocow milk company based from this famous phenomena.


Molocow UFO Milk Bottle

molocow ufo milk bottle

The logo presents an illustration of a cow placed in the center of the glass bottle. The floating calf looked like it’s ascending towards the beam source. Its UFO-shaped silver cap is made of plastic and the container is made of eco-friendly glass. With its unique and stunning design, this spacial edition milk bottle will definitely stand out on the dairy aisle. Unfortunately, Molocow milk is not yet available for sale in the US. That’s sad because we could really use its fun design to cajole our kids into taking their daily cup of calcium.


The Playfully Creative Packaging Features A Triangular Vessel And UFO-Shaped Cap To Reenact The Famous Calf Abduction

molocow ufo milk bottle clever packaging


kansas alien abduction inspired packaging


UFO-Shaped Bottle Cap

flying saucer-shaped silver cap


alien abduction-inspired packaging


molocow ufo milk bottle creative packaging

Source: Behance