Packaging Lies That Were Sold To Us Fraudulently

It’s common knowledge that the advertising industry isn’t 100% truthful in terms of product promotion, particularly when it comes to packaging. There are just some items that are far from what we see on billboards, posters and TV adverts. Today, our mission is to expose some of the worst packaging lies that have been fraudulently sold to us consumers!

Couldn’t Get More Blatant Than This

Wonder How Kellogg’s Measures “Two Scoops”

The Main Reason Why You Should Never Trust Food Photos

Plot Twist

Sometimes Life Is Unfair and disappointing. 

So Much for “Cheeseburger”. Evil genius! 

A Complete Lie! Explain yourselves lays! 

Even juice is confused about what its made up of. 

At Least They’re Generous with The “Queso” Part

Should Have Gotten The “Berries Loaf” Instead

Keep Going To See More!

No One Messes with My Twinkies! This means war! 

What a stupid waste of packaging. 

This lack of filling infuriates us! 

Big Jumbo Shrimps…Not

This Is Just Cruel

When You Only Get Half of What You Paid For

Well, this isn’t confusing at all! 

Expectation vs. Reality


SURPRISE! Hope you weren’t too hungry… 

Welcome to The Dark Side where companies lie to you.