16 of the most Clever and Eye-catching Elevator Ads You’ll Ever See

Elevators are used by millions of people everyday, so it’s no wonder that it’s important to really utilize elevator ads in a clever way. These days, people tend to ignore advertisements, therefore advertisers need to come up with new ways to catch people’s attention. Standing and waiting for the elevator to arrive is the perfect time to try and grab the consumer’s eye and plant the seed of advertising into their brains.

Here are 16 of the most clever and eye-catching elevator ads you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

Maxwell House: Wake Up

There’s no better way to wake up than to step inside this elevator. Maxwell House sure knows how to give elevator riders an adrenaline rush!

Ogilvy China

Divorce Lift

Talk about perfect advertising placement. This ad is for a law firm in Germany.

gkk DialogGroup

Domino’s Pizza

An American pizza chain, Domino’s Pizza has been around since 1960 and promises customers their pizzas will be delivered within 30 minutes or they would get them for free.

Madison Communications

Ford Escape 4×4

Released in 2004, this ad located in China is for Ford Escape 4×4. Would you dare drive this?

JWT Taipei

Folliderm: Bald Man

Fix those hair loss problems with Folliderm. This Indian brand wasn’t allowed to use its real brand name so they used a different one on the ad.

Sorento Healthcare Communications

Superman The Movie

This elevator ad was made before Superman Returns was released in 2006 in a Brazil cinema.


Gold’s Gym

A popular chain of international gyms, Gold’s Gym was founded by Joe Gold, a bodybuilder and American businessman in 1965.

Quadrant Communications

Shams Taekwando School

The Shams Taekwando School “elevator kick” ad in Bahrain proved to be very effective as they received 15% more phone calls after releasing it and even had an expansion.

JWT Bahrain

Creative adverts to catch everyone’s attention

Give Me Five

Generations is a radio station in France playing various music genres such as disco, hip-hop and soul.

JWT Paris

“Be Born Again”

Dr. Kim’s plastic surgery clinic promises to enhance your beauty and facial harmony.

Socks Studio

Kagatani Knives

Kagatani is a 120-year old cutlery company which produces knives made by talented artisans.

Grey Tokyo/G2 Tokyo

Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes Science Center is a museum and educational establishment which supports STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) with exhibits such as advanced energy and space.


Resident Evil: Extinction

This Resident Evil elevator ad was placed before its release in Kiev, Ukraine in 2007.


Nemesis Sub-Terra

A 3D illusion ad made by artist Andrew Walkerto. Elevator ads at their finest!

Guerrilla Marketing

Science World: Scales

“Through science and nature, we ignite wonder and empower dreams.” This is the mission of Science World. Now this elevator ad is one we would love to try out! Clever advertising, too.


Swiss Skydive

This “Free Fall” ad is from the Swiss skydive school which is possibly the largest skydive school in Switzerland. Not for the faint-hearted!