Froot Loops Ice Pops Tastes Like Your Favorite Cereal

Froot Loops have taken a step beyond the boundary of cereals. In February this year, the cereal brand launched its first-ever white chocolate bunnies for the Easter season. And now, the brand is crossing over to the freezer aisle with the new Froot Loops Ice Pops. Just in time for the summer, we now have a reason to cool down first thing in the morning with this cereal-inspired frozen treat.

Just like the colorful cereal, the new ice pops also come in red, orange, green and purple colors. And much like the cereal, the colors don’t have anything to do with the flavors. In fact, they all have the same flavor. So, it’s basically the cereal bits turned into a frozen treat on a stick. That may sound strange but we can’t deny we still want to dig into this.


Froot Loops Ice Pops

The interesting ice pops have been spotted at Dollar Tree and it appears that it’s a store-exclusive item. These new frozen treats come in a 13.2-oz box containing 8 popsicles. We’re not sure whether this is a limited-edition or a permanent-edition item. But we’re guessing these icy treats are going to be around only for the summer season. So, head over to the nearest Dollar Tree location to grab some of these before they disappear.

So far, the cereal brand is giving us some hints as to what to expect for their next offering. Perhaps Froot Loops Candy Corns for Halloween or Froot Loops Candy Canes for the yuletide season? That’s something to look forward to.