15 Pics Showing Why Letter-Spacing Is So Important

The space between two characters or words may be technically invisible but it is as significant as other characters. Incorrect use or lack of letter-spacing can entirely change the context or meaning of a name or phrase. Sometimes the letters are written a little bit too close to one another and form a different word, other times the space between the letters gets too wide that it becomes a different thing.

If you’re underestimating the importance of letter-spacing, you’re just lucky that your name isn’t Clint. Because if you happen to have this name, you are likely to have been given a different name by the barista every time they have to write your name on your cup. And trust us, you won’t be happy with how your name is written.


Funny Letter-Spacing Fails

letter-spacing fails the rapist

Incorrect letter-spacing can also happen in signs and product names. And these unfortunate mistakes are even more hilarious because everyone can see the unintended mishaps. More often than not, the lack of proper spacing results to a rather rude terminology that will give you a difficult time explaining it to your kids. We’ve compiled the funniest examples of letter-spacing mistakes that completely changed the meaning of the message.

“Fonts and kerning matter”

letter-spacing fails click lovers


“I’m sorry, what’s broken?”

pen is broken use finger funny mistake


“Why you shouldn’t name your son Clint”

funny birthday cake for clint


“Letter-spacing is important”

letter-spacing fails kids exchange


“My math teacher also taught us the importance of kerning.”

math teacher final word mistake


“Bull Titan US”

letter-spacing fails bull titan us


“Hey Walmart… kerning is important”

funny product label walmart click away


“Worst tart ever”

letter-spacing fails car plate anustart


“Bad kerning, good ‘shrooms”

product name fail shit ake


“My aunt in the Philippines made a nice birthday cake for my relative Curt…”

funny birthday cake for curt


“Corporate told us to pull these off the shelves immediately. Maybe they should pick a different font next time.”

funny product name flickering lights


“LEGO Click Brick”

letter-spacing fails lego click brick