Damon Belanger Is Painting Fake Shadows Through The Streets Of Redwood City And People Are Doing Double-Takes

Based in California, Damon Belanger is an artist known for his diversified works of art. His recent project might play well as a prank, as his shadow art creations painted on streets are quite playful and funny.

Yes, the shadow paintings all sport a silly look. If you happen to pass by one shadow art, you would certainly take a second look!

Belanger actually did his shadow art out of an official commission. His task was to fill the streets of downtown Redwood City in California with his fun works of art. He had to create 20 public pieces, and all of them turned out to be fanciful! He went on with the deal and painted fake shadows on the streets. As a result, the city became such a wonderland!

mailbox shadow art damon belanger

bench shadow art damon belanger

So what does Damon Belanger use for inspiration? Well, it’s simple things such as bicycle racks and benches. Fascinatingly, Damon creates these beautiful shadow art creations and breathes new life into the otherwise lifeless streets.

bicycle racks shadow art damon belanger
Beth Mostovoy

In the modern world that he’s created, a mailbox becomes a smiling little monster, while a city map becomes a robot. One of our favorites is the parking kiosk that Damon Belanger fascinatingly turned into a monkey. And, the monkey was sitting on a pedestal.

street map shadow art damon belanger

Belanger’s process was simple. He first chooses the object which he’d like to appear as casting the “shadow.” Then, he outlines a character using chalk. Of course, he angles it such that it would look like a real shadow! When he sees the sketch as funny and playful enough, he then puts grey paint to fill the character in.

parking payment kiosk monkey shadow art damon belanger

Amazing, right? Now that’s how these conventional fixtures have come to life in Redwood City. Damon’s shadow art creations only prove that an artist creative enough can turn any public place into his playground!

Damon Belanger has created several fun shadow art paintings on the streets of downtown Redwood City.

monkey shadow art damon belanger


fences shadow art damon belanger


pacman shadow art damon belanger


bike shadow art damon belanger


little trains on fences at night shadow art damon belanger


little trains shadow art damon belanger
Beth Mostovoy


rails shadow art damon belanger


work in progress shadow art damon belanger


artist posing shadow art damon belanger

Source: Damon Belanger