People Are Sharing Photos Of Other People Standing Weirdly And It’s Hilarious

We all have weird habits and unique quirks. And more often than not, we do them unconsciously and compulsively. From nail-biting, cracking joints, and talking to oneself, these are just some of the most common peculiar habits that people have. However, there are also certain ones that are simply next-level bizarre. For instance, standing in seriously awkward postures. And apparently, there’s an Instagram account that features photos of people standing weirdly in public places!

Created in 2015, the Instagram page People Standing features “real people” and “real stances.” As of writing, the page has featured over 500 candid photos of people standing in rather unusual manners. Interestingly, these photos were taken and submitted by users from different parts of the world. And with over 143K followers, it’s safe to say that many people are indeed enjoying this type of hilarious content.











This Instagram account features people captured standing weirdly in public places!

Well, it’s definitely easy to see why. After all, it’s not every day that we encounter someone who doesn’t abide by the norm of standing upright. In fact, these people even go beyond slouching! What’s more, they don’t hesitate to exhibit their weird stances in broad daylight! From squatting, lunging, leaning on a surface exaggeratedly, and more, they all prove that there’s no single way to stand. Keep scrolling down to see more of these amusingly strange stances caught on camera!














Whether they’re doing it out of boredom, reflex, or simply to stretch, these photos will surely crack you up!

















Do you know anyone who’s guilty of doing the same? Let us know in the comments section below! Likewise, feel free to check out People Standing’s Instagram page for more ridiculous photos of people standing weirdly in public places!

Source: People Standing