Terrible Design Fails That Will Leave You Wondering Why

At some point, we have all failed, particularly at work, which can be inevitable especially if we’re new to it. There are these people however, where even in the most obvious of their tasks have still failed. Such is the case of these people which must have gotten their job into trouble after coming up with design fails that are just terribly unacceptable.

Let’s have a look on what these terrible design fails that they have created and you decide is they really have to start looking for a new career instead.

#1 Ah, so this must be what they call as as USB Charger.

JellyBelly91 / reddit

#2 Now which number is to be followed? Way to go in making confusions!

cookiemonsterlife / reddit

Bad ideas that should have been caught sooner

#3 Outdoor advertising gone wrong. This is what happens when you miss even the smallest of the details. Poor boy!

youhadonejob1 / twitter

#4 When trees opted to grow outside of their comfort zone, you’ll know that mother nature is with them.

adisa61 / reddit

#5 Wait. If the garage is over there, and the way to garage is on the other side, how in the world is the car supposed to be parked peacefully?

imtweakin24 / reddit

#6 That feeling you get everytime you keep on forgetting something and someone tries to remind you over and over again but you still forgot it anyway.

KevenM / reddit

#7 When you want to light up your mind, here’s a literal representation of what to do.


Toy designs that are so bad, they’re good

#8 Dora must have gotten stuck in the kitchen and wasn’t able to explore other places. Now where’s the map? Let’s help her find the way out to the kitchen. Toy design fails are often the best!

MihaFox24 / pikabu

Unfortunate printing design gone wrong

#9 Do what now? You did not just say that. Lol! Talk about design fail to the max!


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