Vehicle Design Fails That Weren’t Fully Thought Through

Vehicle ads are an effective way of showcasing your product or services. It is one way of endorsing your products in such a way that it gets to different areas. But, nothing will ever be perfect. Here we have some vehicle design fails that weren’t fully thought through. Beware of these blunders if you are thinking of advertising on a vehicle!

This vehicle ad contains a meaningful hidden message.

It surprisingly has an older audience.


Do you need/ want some?

“This is a good gaming advice. In real life, not really.”

This looks like a Snapchat filter coming to life.

“Hallelujah!”, Karl Marx exclaimed. What happened to separation of church and state?


I didn’t know provedores offer that kind of service.

Just an unpopular opinion, given by their vehicle itself.


You can’t un-see it.

This vehicle ad confirms that it comes in different sizes.

Where do we apply?


I’m beginning to be a fan of vehicle ads that have hidden meanings to it.


It has a lot of supporters.

If you need one, you know where to find them.

“Please consult a doctor if you’ve had this pizza for four hours.”

This is where doctors fix the pain in your backside.

I would not dare go near this vehicle.


Keep Going To See More!

A public announcement from Mike. Keep it up, Mike. *wink*

This is a good name to call the rainbow lovers.

This looks like a cartoon character from a show I can’t remember.

I wonder how their choice of music sounds like.


So much for these glass company vehicle ads.

The man on the second photo is like “Surprise! Do you want some?”.


Wonder what’s inside that vehicle.

I guess this vehicle ad was designed wrongly on purpose.


Their service would be much needed by many, if this was true.

“Feuerlöscher” means “fire extinguisher”. So this is “Anus löscher/ Anus extinguisher”. I guess it is a medical service for the fans of hot Mexican sauces!”


This looks so wrong in so many levels.


Experience the drive, experience the D. 


“I guess they sh*t bricks.”

They always get hard.

Also, notice the bottom half of the back door you will see the word “boob”.

This vehicle ad is both funny and cool. No need to argue about that.