Incredibly Evil Packaging Designs That Will Infuriate You

Sometimes a product speaks for itself, whilst other times encouragement to purchase comes from fancy ad campaigns or flamboyant packaging. However, occasionally this can leave us as consumers feeling conned. Below we have some incredibly evil packaging designs that reek of deception and betrayal! It really is beyond shameful what certain companies manage to get away with.

You don’t mess with a person and their chocolate needs!

Shame on you Waitrose, shame on you!

It’s shocking that this is even allowed.

Um, where are all the freaking gummy bears?!

So, really, you have 3 normal sized sausage rolls.

Well, whoever came up with this packaging design should be fired!

Cheating people, potentially kids, out of pencils. Not acceptable!

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How sad and lonely one half of this pizza looks…

What an unnecessary waste of packaging!

There wont be much prolonging going on with that sandwich.

Because the world would be a boring place if things made sense?

Always make sure to read the label properly!

Premeditated evilness…

This is a reminder to us all to always check the ingredients of the things that we buy!