You Can Get Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles That Taste Just Like The Real Thing

You can now satisfy your craving for Dr Pepper’s 23 flavor goodness without the fizz. If you’re like me, you’ve probably started reducing your soda intake. Luckily, Kenny’s has taken all the things we love about Dr Pepper and put them into tiny little gummies that you can pop in your mouth whenever you feel like it. These adorable Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles have the beloved flavor without all the sugar and calories! It’s maker wrote in the description:

“Whether you call these chewy candies soda or pop, there’s one thing you’re sure to call these chewy candies – delicious!
Each gummy soda bottle is imbued with the intensely tasty and authentic flavor of class soda: Orange Crush, Dr Pepper, or A&W Root Beer.”

dr pepper gummy soda bottles

Having 40 bottles of soda would be pretty impressive and a little troubling. As, you can easily satisfy your fizzy craving any time. But you might spike your blood sugar too a dangerous degree. However, dropping the drink altogether can prove to be a pretty challenging task. So why not just munch that craving away? We bless the moment that the idea of gummifying classic colas and sodas popped into a confectioner’s mind!


These Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles are great for people who just can’t get enough of the drink

According to the manufacturer, their soda-flavored gummies are made by adding a concentrate of the soda, which, in this case, happens to be Dr Pepper. The concentrate contains all the important elements that your taste buds will surely recognize. It is also important to note that the these are not halal, kosher or vegan due it being a gelatin product. However, it is gluten-free and safe from allergens like nuts. Only the Orange Crush gummies list soy as an ingredient.


Get your soda fix without all the sugar

And if you’ll notice, the sweets have a two-tone look to them. This is just for aesthetic reasons. Remember when your soda bubbles up when you open it? That’s the effect that Kenny’s was after. The color difference does not, in any way, affect the overall flavor of the treats. Each 4.5oz pack contains around 40 pieces of yummy gummy treats. They’re so good that you’ll probably reach for one after the other until you realize you’ve emptied the bag! These babies only have 17 grams of sugar in them, which is significantly less than the actual beverage.


Furthermore, the manufacturer said that the gummies have a year’s worth of shelf life. That means you can get the 12 pack offering here without worries of getting treats that are about to fizzle out. But between this and the Dr Pepper flavored licorice, which would you rather have in your stash at the office? My vote’s on both.