Starburst Gelatin Will Bring Back Your Love For Jell-O

How long has it been since you last ate some Jell-O? Ages, probably. It’s surprising how our daily snack just faded away from our routines without us really realizing. But the Starburst gelatin just might bring the jiggly treat back into your life! This exciting new product combines two of the most recognizable sweets that we ’90s kids enjoyed.

Gelatin has had a pretty wiggly run. It was initially considered a luxury. But when the Great Depression hit, it suddenly became an affordable commodity that helped households stretch their rations. Afterwards, it turned into a child’s snack staple and even a diet-friendly option. Back then, we could only enjoy fruit-flavored Jell-O treats. But now, the brand has definitely been busy, because they’re releasing new yummy flavors, like this delightfully sweet and nostalgic candy-flavored offering!

starburst gelatin cherry


starburst gelatin lemon

Starburst has definitely been busy as well. The candy brand’s been releasing surprisingly delicious versions of their candy. They recently introduced a line of Yoplait yogurts inspired by three of the most iconic flavors of the candy. Talk about living a sweet life!

starburst gelatin blue raspberry


all pink


End any meal with a jiggly, sweet dessert with Starburst gelatin

The Starburst jelly was initially announced during the 2019 Sweets & Snacks Expo. Naturally, fans of the chewy fruit candies were bursting with excitement. However, they didn’t give us an official release date so we’ve all just been…waiting. Until now. Instagram foodie @dadbodsnacks recently spotted the candy-flavored gelatin at a Jewel-Osco, a regional grocery chain in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.


However it seems that the jelly is on a trial period. Starburst hasn’t officially made an announcement yet. Hopefully all four flavors lemon, all pink (strawberry), cherry and blue raspberry get released to more stores soon. We to need some fruity and juicy Jell-O in our lives. But if you can’t wait to try these sweet jellies then you can order them from here today! They’re currently offering the sweet, sweet jellies in packs of 6, 12 and 24, because they know one or two boxes won’t be enough.