This Comedienne Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos

You may or may not have come across a highly amusing Australian lady that is Celeste Barber. The comedienne hilariously recreates celebrity Instagram photos. We previously did a post on some of her work here! Well, she’s continued on with her popular recreations and we’re here to present you with some brilliant new material. Celeste has a wonderful knack for being effortlessly amusing. However, that’s not to say that she doesn’t put a great amount of effort into her comedic pieces! Take a look!

Bella Hadid has met her modelling match. 

Celeste showing off what’s important to her. 

We love how honest and relatable this woman is! 

You on a healthy day vs you on a naughty day… 

Note to self… boys lie, carbs don’t!

We wonder what any passers by were thinking! 

We need to get our hands on one of these flamingo inflatables! To be honest, we do prefer the larger one! 

Let’s hope that there was no painful slips! 

The right side looks like us before our morning coffee. 

We’re not sure what to make of the whole jumper trend with knee high boots ensemble?

That little girl’s face is brilliant! 

You can tell the top image took a few tries as the girl’s hair is soaking wet! 

The rainbow light is sort of cool, but if light is ever shining in our eyes, we’re looking like Celeste on the right. 

Because who doesn’t love putting on their heels and standing on their fridge/freezer door?

We absolutely adore Celeste. She has such a care free attitude that inspires self confidence. She doesn’t seem to care that she doesn’t have the same look as the celebrities she impersonates which is absolutely refreshing. Celeste is showing that you don’t have to look a certain way to still look great! Of course, she is goofing around in her images but she is still sending out a great message. We can’t wait to see the other stuff she comes out with in the future! 

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Celeste’s attempts don’t always run smoothly! 

Safety first! Well done, Celeste!

We think Celeste would make excellent parody music videos.

How does Rihanna manage to make shaving look sexy?

So, when your smartphone runs out of battery, simply grab a shoe! 

We think Sia would find this recreation pretty cool! 

Anyone who looks as calm as Selena does around spilled wine makes us suspicious. 

Celeste pulls off the space suit really well! It’s not an easy look to nail…

Is it just us, or is Iggy’s garment a little strange?! 

One of these ladies is serving up dessert and the other is serving up breakfast! 

She actually got a shirt made! Fantastic!

The only comfortable way to walk your dog in warm weather. 

How anyone manages to look so good when they’ve been drenched is beyond us! 

Close enough! You rock Celeste!