What People Thought Love Was When They Were Kids

As a child, we don’t know much about the world but we think we know everything. A lot of the time we learn from observing what we can see all around us… the way people behave at school, at home, etc. With this in mind, here we have a list of images showing what people thought love was when they were kids! Take a look…

Love is forever.

Full of it especially during Valentine’s Day.

It’s wonderful to be cared for.

Love is usually challenging.

With a Prince and Princesses and a castle.

Love can sometimes make you do crazy things.

If only things were that simple!

Even if others can get a annoying at times.

Disney teaches a lot about loving people.

Disney is responsible for a lot. 

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Every one has had their puppy love.

It’s another thing when they’re total strangers.


People cry about a lot of things, but this is deep.

This is so sweet! 

Someday my prince will come…

It’s nice being prioritized.

Is it okay if they eat your secret stash?

Just being comfortable with each other.

Without restrictions or conditions.